DCP purchases

Some festivals arrange with us for filmmakers to be able to purchase at a low price DCPs of their films that were made for the festival.

If this offer applies to you, you will get an email about it during or shortly after the festival.

We also make DCPs to order for individual filmmakers.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the arrangement with the festival. But our prices are much lower than what's typically charged by post houses (£200+).

What does this service include?

A copy of your DCP on a USB stick.

Price includes:

The USB is properly formatted in Linux EXT3 format according to the DCI standard, so it can be ingested directly into any DCI cinema server. Mac and Windows computers cannot read or write to this drive format.

How quickly will I get it?

We dispatch within 1-2 weeks of ordering.

If you need your DCP in a hurry for another festival, please make a note on the order form, or contact us and we'll prioritise your order.

If my film wasn't in a festival, can I still get a DCP made?

Yes you can! Please email info@cinebox.co and tell us how long the film is and how quickly you need a DCP, and we'll give you a quote.

Guarantees / refunds

DCPs are provided without warranty. They are as screened at the festival, so if you saw your film projected at the festival and liked it, you can be confident the DCP will look the same in any other cinema.

In practice we are confident that the methods we've used to make the DCPs make them compatible with almost all DCP servers in the world, however we cannot guarantee this, and don't offer refunds or any kind of "after care". This is reflected in the price (compared to the £200+ that a post house would charge).

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