Website security

The Cinebox website is protected by an industry-standard encryption technology called SSL, which ensures all information sent between your web browser and our server is kept secret as it travels over the internet.

Your browser indicates the encrypted connection with a padlock icon in the address bar.

You can verify our SSL security by checking the SSL Labs report here.

Payments security

Payments are processed through Paypal's Braintree service.

Credit card details are sent directly from your web browser to Paypal Braintree and are NOT sent to Cinebox, and NOT recorded in our database. This gives additional security in the unlikely eventuality of a hacking attack on Cinebox's website. Your credit card details aren't stored on Cinebox's server so can't be stolen from it!

As payment details never pass through our server, Cinebox staff also never see your card details, and cannot access them.

Paypal/Braintree takes responsibility for secure handling of your payment details.

Other help topics

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