How to use Subly to caption a film for deaf / hard-of-hearing audiences

What is Subly?

Subly is an online service to assist in subtitling / captioning video.

LSFF has partnered with Subly to allow free use of the Subly platform to assist LSFF filmmakers in captioning their films for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences.

LSFF are committed to making the festival fully accessible to D/deaf & hard-of-hearing audiences. Please help us by creating fully accessible captions for your work.

What are captions?

See our guide on how to caption a film for deaf / hard-of-hearing audiences.

It's more than just dialogue - sound effects and music need to be captioned too.

Setting up Subly

Please log in to your Cinebox account. It will guide you through the process of signing up for a Subly account and connecting it to Cinebox. Please use a password you feel comfortable sending to us.

We will upload the video for you. Please don't upload yourself, to make sure the version of the film you caption is exactly the same version as the one which is screening at the festival.

When your video has been uploaded, we'll email you to let you know.

Editing captions in Subly

Subly automatically transcribes the dialogue. This will likely need editing as mistakes are common. But still, it's much faster than starting from scratch.

It will probably take you a 2-4 hours to caption a 10 minute film.

Some tips:

Prefer to use your own software?

You may find it easier to create an SRT file in your editing software. This is totally fine.

Probably the fastest way is to use the subtitles created by Subly, download as an SRT file, and then edit further in your editing software.

How to download captions from Subly

When you've finished creating captions

Download captions from Subly, or export from your editing software as SRT file (see previous section on how to export as SRT from Subly).

Send them to us via the Cinebox website or email them to us.

Please ensure you send us captions for the hard-of-hearing, and not a simple transcription of the dialogue.


Please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.